Copy File Name    


Copy File Name


Copy File Name is a small program that will enable you to right click any file and select "Copy File Name" from the context menu. This will copy the name of the selected file to the clipboard. Before the name is copied you will see a list of different representations of the file name.

Using Copy File Name

When you right click the file and chooses Copy File Name the program will display a list of file names. All entries in the list are different representations of the selected file name. Depending on where you plan to use the file name you can select either type and place it on the clipboard.

You select a file name by pressing the return key or left clicking using the mouse.


You can download the latest version here. After downloading the setup program you should simply run it to install the program.

When the installation is finished you will have the Copy File Name and Copy Folder Name in your context menu.




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