Characters like ë, ô, etc.

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Characters like ë, ô, etc.

Post by theosmeets »

I did not find any answers on questions put at the forum about, what I call, "strange characters" (spanish, russian, etc). Does anybody know how to deal with this problem in Access to mySQL ? Thank you very much !!!
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Re: Characters like ë, ô, etc.

Post by jr »

Have you tried to select the Unicode feature on the last page of the wizard?

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Re: Characters like ë, ô, etc.

Post by nolaflash »

I am wondering about this as well. I have tried the Unicode feature but find that I still get "Vieux Carré" instead of "Vieux Carré". Anyone know of a solution?
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Re: Characters like ë, ô, etc.

Post by lambertwm »

In fact, the text file that "Access to MYSQL" generates is correctly coded in UTF-8 and it contains all the correct accents.

You can check this by opening it in Notepad (maybe you need to specify the encoding in the File Open dialog).

I think your problem is that you didn't specify the correct character set when running the generated script.

This should do the trick:

1. Open a dos box
2. make sure mysql.exe is in your PATH
3. run the following command:

mysql --password=root --user=root --default_character_set=utf8 < dump.sql

This assumes the SQL statements are in a file called 'dump.sql'

hope this helps,
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