What about Access Forms and Queries

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What about Access Forms and Queries

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As someone who has only just found out about Bullzip, I am seeking some advice about converting an Access 2010 database into a MySQL one, so that I can host it for my Client.

I have a web site currently which takes Members enrollment details and stores them to a MySQL database. However that is a world apart from having three work stations (two at one physical address and one at another distinct one) interact
with a database hosted on the Internet.

I can understand how a programme can convert access tables to MySQL ones but what happens to the forms, queries and VBA code that exists in the original Access database?

The Access designed forms are interactive and guide the user to input information accurately.

Does BullZip just convert the tables and leave the rest of the Access database in its original state.

If so then presumably I would only host the tables (the backend) and make connections from each computer to those tables.
Would record locking be an important consideration to prevent two individuals accessing the same record?
I already have server, for my web site hosting, but they use the Linux operating system. Could I use this system if the backend
was designed in MySQL?

Any advice would be gratefully received.


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