Access 2007 Attachment Field Conversion

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Access 2007 Attachment Field Conversion

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I have just tested your software on my Access 2007 database, which worked brilliantly apart from one small issue.

In my database I have a few tables with the "Attachment" field type.

I looked at the SQL dump file after running the conversion, and saw that Access to MySQL had converted the attachment fields into the BLOB type, which I believe is the correct data type for storing files in a MySQL database.

However, the actual files (or file data) that were contained within the Access database were not converted and carried over into the dump. Only the "Attachment.Name" section of the Access attachment field type was carried over to the BLOB field to form the data.

Am I right in assuming that existing attachment data in the Access database will not be carried over in the SQL dump generated by the Access to MySQL software?
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