Not working: Include column list in INSERT statements

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Not working: Include column list in INSERT statements

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When I choose "Include column list in INSERT statements" I get empty paranthesis were the column list should be:


INSERT INTO `postcode_city` () VALUES ('2730', 'Herlev');

I was expecting:

INSERT INTO `postcode_city` ('postcode', 'city') VALUES ('2730', 'Herlev');

(My setup: win7 64-bit, access 2010)

I need this feature for the following reason:

The 'field list' feature is necessary if you don't want to transfer all fields to mysql.

In my specific case I want to transfer records from access to an existing mysql table which already have data. In order to do this I need to let mysql take care of the (mysql autoincremented) id field for the new records, otherwise they might be in conflict with existing data.

I can only do this by omitting the id-field from the insert statement - so I need to explicitly specify which fields the inserts are about, otherwise mysql wont understand that I'm omitting the id-field.

Is this a bug - or am I misunderstanding something?
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