relation already exists in access to PostgreSQL

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relation already exists in access to PostgreSQL

Post by Tubal »

I get this error during the conversion:

Error in function 'cmdFinish_Click'
Error: -2147467259 (0x80004005)
Reason: ERROR: relation "CustomerTypeID" already exists;
Error while executing the query
Debug information: Initializing

Version: 3.0.148

This error message is on the clipboard.
The program will now terminate. Have a nice day :)

This would imply that the database already exists, but I've tried dropping and starting from scratch, and I've also got the 'drop and recreate' option selected.

If I go in and clear all the records from the offending table, then it will get past that particular table, but will error out on another table. It doesn't do it on every table, but does it at the same place every time if I retry it.

I'm using the latest version of Access to PostgreSQL, and version 8.4.2 of the psqlodbc driver.

Any ideas?
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