Can't connect to remote hosted mySQL dbase?

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Can't connect to remote hosted mySQL dbase?

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Have my own server at Rackspace, and am attempting to get Bullzip to run tween my desktop MS Access dbase to send a table from same up to my remote server....

There are a few Bullzip fields to use to get the connection established which are as follows as I've filled them in -

host :

Port : 3306

Username : XXXX

Password : XXXXXXXX
(note name and password are taken from my phpAdmin credentials, is that correct? or should I use something else???)

When the Bullzip upload app runs - I get an error that says this --
Error connecting to destination database.
Connection: Provider=MSDASQL.1;Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};Extended Properties="SERVER=;UID=root;PWD=hueC ... ON=0;STMT=;"
Program Version:
ODBC Version:
Function: modMySql.MoveData2MySql
Error: -2147467259
Reason: [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver]Unknown MySQL server host '' (2)

Could someone pls help with this? Am I using the wrong creds? Is there an issue with the ODBC drivers etc?

Sorry, new to mySQL I am...have googled for that error but cant' wade thru results to show me where I'm wrong...

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