Do I need to buy comercial licenses?

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Do I need to buy comercial licenses?

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Our companies have one common used server, we would like to installed the BullZip PDF software in the server and our users(total 50 users) will remote login the server if need, who may or not use the software in the server. So I would like to know that the 10 limited licenses is for using the software or for users login all included the server? Do we need to buy comercial licenses?
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Re: Do I need to buy comercial licenses?

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If you use it on a Terminal Server or Citrix server then your user count is the number of named users with a login to the server. That means that in your case you need a 50 user license. Hopefully the other users will have great use of the PDF writer once they have access to it :-)

The good news is that you help us develop the product if you pay for the license!

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