Merging into one PDF

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Merging into one PDF

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I had to uninstall this great program after years of good service. Today I have re-installed it but it is behaving differently. I use this to create multiple page pdf's. I begin with page 2 and merge it to page 1 telling it to put it on the Bottom. In times past, the original doc name remained and the new doc name was the same name with .pdf at the end, AND page 1 was page 1 and page 2 was page 2. I would continue on merging to the bottom and receiving a doc with the name of the newest added doc with the .pdf ending.

Now, I start with page 2 and merge it to page 1 at the bottom as before. But what I get is an over-wright of the original doc in this order, Original doc page 1, merged doc page 2, and original doc page 3 again. What should be a new two page doc with the original name plus .pdf is now a 3 page doc as an over-wright.

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