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Pages Missing

Postby rwilliams » Fri Jan 25, 2013 5:05 pm

We have an application that prints out Patient charts to a Bullzip printer. The charts are composed of one or more text documents being printed as well as many scanned documents. Each chart could consist of between 5 - 100+ documents. The scanned documents all get sent to the print queue as single page print jobs. (we dont have any control over how it is sent) When we say print chart it sends the job from the web interface to a windows application on a print server which prints each document out sequentially.

What we would like to do is have it all print out to the same file and append. When this happens we end up missing a huge portion of the pages. I turned debug mode on and found out why.

The print jobs get sent one after the other to the queue. Bullzip ends up handling multiple items in the queue at the same time. (ghostscript has many tasks running at the same time) It looks at the chart.pdf file (lets say it has pages 1-2 in it) , grabs a copy of it, merges itself with it (pages 1-3 now), in the mean time a second job grabs the same file (1-2) and merges itself with th that file. (pages 1-2, 4) The first file gets written as chart.pdf (1-3) and then the second one overwrites it (1-2, 4)

Now multiply this by 50+ documents in the queue and you see the problem. I printed a 26 page chart and it ended up being 8 random pages.

Is there a way to tell bullzip not to process the next document in the queue until the last one finishes?
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Re: Pages Missing

Postby jr » Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:51 am


You can change the behavior where the conversion is running in parallel. Find a good value for GUITimeout and set it in the registry as described at the link here:

Let us know if solves your problem :-)

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