PDF Toolkit append and merge

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PDF Toolkit append and merge

Post by Momo »

I'm running into an issue regarding appending and superimposing of PDF's.
The situation is as follows:
- Superimpose, stationary (PDF)
- Append, terms of delivery (PDF)

The situation above works but the superimposed PDF looks quite ugly, text is not selectable etc.
When PDFTK.exe and libiconv2.dll are present in the BullzipPDF directory superimposing fails, the background is blank.

However, once I remove the file to append from the dialog window (i.e leave it blank), it's works fine.
Albeit without an appended file.

Can someone confirm this behaviour (having both a file to append and superimpose present and pdtoolkit in the directory) resulting in a blank background?
I have tried multiple systems(W2003, W2008, W7, W XP) all exhibit the same behaviour...
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Re: PDF Toolkit append and merge

Post by lonemascot »

i have this same issue. did you ever fix it?
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Re: PDF Toolkit append and merge

Post by rchurchill »

Is it possible to have an answer please? Many Thanks
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Re: PDF Toolkit append and merge

Post by jr »

In the latest version there is no use for the PDF Toolkit. You should remove the pdftk.exe and try again.

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