Using 64-bit Ghostscript

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Using 64-bit Ghostscript

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Can I use 64-bit Ghostscript files?

I followed gs directory under Bullzip's installation directory and copied the corresponding files from the 64-bit Ghostscript installation into a new separate gs directory at the same location of the installer. The only files that are named differently are gswin64c.exe and gsdll64.dll (v.s. the gswin32c.exe and gsdll32.dll from the original gslite.exe package). Bullzip installs fine and runs fine. But I would like to confirm if Bullzip will pick up the 64-bit library and executable after installation since the two files have different names? Does this affect any functionality in Bullzip PDF Printer?
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Re: Using 64-bit Ghostscript

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You are stating that you installed the PDF Printer along with Ghostscript Lite,
then manually replaced the GS Lite files with those from a GS x64 installation?

gui.exe will seek gswin32c.exe and gswin64c.exe in the directory \gs\.
If not found gui.exe will then query the registry for \GPL Ghostscript Lite,
\GPL Ghostscript, and \AFPL Ghostscript keys until it finds the Ghostscript
installation location.

I do believe there should be not any problem with this method, with caveat of
erroneous data stored at Registry location HKLM\SOFTWARE\GPL Ghostscript Lite
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