Install Bullzip Printer for all users

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Install Bullzip Printer for all users

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I apologize for bringing a basic installation issue in a forum with such expert interaction...

The Bullzip PDF Printer installer file (Setup_BullzipPDFPrinter_9_3_0_1516.exe) does not offer the usual "Install for all users" option during setup. I re-opened the installer program to double-check and this is correct.

The installed PDF Printer application (running under Windows 7) is available only to my account [where it was installed] and not to the other user account (both of us are Admin accounts).

Is there a way to make the application available under and for two different users on this one laptop? Do I need to remove the program using the uninstaller before doing something else and what would that be?

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Re: Install Bullzip Printer for all users

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It sounds strange. By default the installed printer and the start menu entries should be available to all users.

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