Windows 8.1 Save As will not work

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Windows 8.1 Save As will not work

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I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (64 bit) running Windows 8.1; unfortunately on both counts (buyer's remorse??), but I am learning to live with it. I am running Bullzip PDF Printer version 9.6.1582. My problem is that when I print to my Bullzip printer, and try to change the destination (using the ellipsis), the Save As dialog window comes up but never populates anything but its menu. Doesn't go away; doesn't do anything. The only option is to cancel the window and consequently the print. If I let it go with the existing default location, it works fine. This may not be a Bullzip problem, but perhaps someone knows what I am up against. PLEASE HELP.
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Re: Windows 8.1 Save As will not work

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Is it possible that you could try this with the 10.2 beta and let me know if it is still a problem?

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