Installing driver... = Operation could not be completed

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Installing driver... = Operation could not be completed

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When installing, after it Starts the Spooler and then is in the process of "Installing driver..." it generates an error of "Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000002)". It then tries, "Creating Printer..." and generates the same error.

Windows 7 Professional X64 SP1 (Intel E5620, 4GB Ram, 365GB free).
Computer is on a Windows Domain. I have administrative privileges on my computer.

I tried to manually install the printer driver and the error occurs when I try to bind to the BULLZIP PDF Printer Port.
If I try to add a Bullzip PDF Printer Monitor, I get an error of You cannot add a new port of this type, Please use the existing one. This error occurs EVEN if I have deleted the BULLZIP PDF Printer Port.

I went into Administrator > Printer Management and found that your install Bullzip PDF printer drivers for Windows X64 and Windows NT x86. I manually removed them and then attempted to reinstall the software, but it also failed.

NOTE: Using v9.10.0.1629, the installation stalls and times out at "Installing driver..." It is a VERY L-O-N-G wait (probably causing most people force shut-down or kill the PID) It does install the x64 and x86 drivers back into Print Management, but can't bind the drivers to a Printer profile. It is probably a 5 minute wait. It eventually produces a "Error installing printer driver) message.

I found that the X64 driver has "Set Driver Isolation" to System Default, where the x86 is set to Shared. Changing either or both to None, Isolated, nor Shared did not change the results.

At this point, I have nothing further to add, except this: I have seen many of the same errors installing posted on here for months now, with ZERO to nearly no responses. Should I be concerned?

Please respond with any recommendations or requests and I shall comply.
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Re: Installing driver... = Operation could not be completed

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I have seen this before. Error 2 normally means that a file is not found.

Did you try the suggestion from this discussion: ... 002#p23749

I would like to see your installation log. A link is in the start menu under bullzip->pdf printer->debug. You can send it to me at info at bullzip dot com :-)

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