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Conditional overlay

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I have a specific question, and hope that there is a way to achieve this.

At our company, we want to print every document generated by our software
to Bullzip. Then, from there on, an user can select to:
* Print it to a physical printer
* Attach it to an E-mail in the configured standard E-mail client.

This is perfectly possible, except on one point. Which is the reason of my writing here:
Our paper at the office already has the overlay-layout. So a print sent to our printer shouldn't
contain an overlay.
An attachment to an E-mail however, should contain the overlay.

Is there a way the overlay can be written to be conditional if being sent to physical printer or E-mail?
Plan B would be to install the spool printer twice, but that'd make it difficult again for my colleagues.

Thanks in advance.

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