Operation could not be completed 0x00000002

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Operation could not be completed 0x00000002

Post by aditi »

Hi there,

We are trying to install the PDF printer to a Server 2008 R2 server and upon getting to "Installing driver (can take more than a minute)" it errors with "Operation coud not be completed (error 0x00000002)".

Can anyone help us with this please?
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Re: Operation could not be completed 0x00000002

Post by wushigung »

I had that problem too! I could not even install a generic text only - save as file printer!

I discovered that the problem is caused by a missing "ntprint.inf" file in "C:\Windows\inf" directory. :wink:

I have win 7 32 bit on this machine and just did a Find [aka search] in the C:\Windows directory for the ntprint.inf

note that you may need to have your settings in windows explorer set for show protected files and not hide extensions, :!:

so there I found a couple copies of this little 10 kilobyte inf file in the \Windows directory and a couple other places so I did a right-click - copy, opened another explorer and went to the "C:\Windows\inf" directory and did a paste. :D

Install worked fine as well as the generic text save to file. :lol:
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