Beta Version 4.0.432

Discussion about the current beta version
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Beta Version 4.0.432

Post by vern »

'Save PDF Document As' screen is not visable as it is created behind 'Word 2007' screen. Must minimize or restore down 'Word 2007' screen to see the 'Save PDF Document As' screen. Same problem occurs with Notepad. No other issues or problems. Vista Ultimate/ Microsoft Office 2007 both with all current Microsoft fix support applied.
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Beta Version 4.0.432

Post by robm »

There seems to be some issues with saving. If you don't use the 'browse to find folder' button to select the path and filename to save to, it appends the path to the filename like so:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\test.pdf
C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\C__Documents_and_Settings_User_My_Documents_test.pdf

Removing the path (again, without browsing to find a folder) causes the file to be saved with the correct name, but in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
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Re: Beta Version 4.0.432

Post by calieigh »

Software that is released in Beta versions have a higher potential for producing a better quality end-product. This is due principally to the iterative methodology whereby successive beta versions are released that address a specific set of bugs, issues and planned but unimplemented features. Developers may choose to release a "closed beta" (for a specific group of testers) or an "open beta" (for the general public) in order to expose and address bugs and issues.
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Beta Version 4.0.432

Post by soBig »

This may not be a bug, but it is a big annoyance.

When I print a PDF from a windows application, the dialog box is displayed asking me where to save the file. Below that, is a checkbox that says:
Open the document after creation.

Although it remembers the file location, it does NOT remember the checkbox setting. Everytimne I print, I have to remeber to uncheck the box.
Please fix this.

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