What does Bullzip mean?

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Jochen Bennemann
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What does Bullzip mean?

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we're using the PDF printer. It's great. :D
But every time I ask myself, what a 'crazy' name is that.. ? :lol:
Can you please explain it to me.
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The basic idea of the Bullzip web site was to distribute free and fully functional software without nag screens or other limitations. I was tired of downloading programs that were supposed to be free. They all turned out to force you into registration if you wanted to continue using them. The statements of them being free turned out to be "bullzip". That's how I got to that name.

Today I also make small amount of money on the software on this site. I sell commercial licenses without a donate button in the about dialog. However, you can still download a fully functional version for free if you don't feel like buying it.

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